Pope Francis prays for peace with other religious leaders at Ground Zero

Pope_Francis_participates_in_an_interreligious_prayer_service_at_Ground_Zero_Sept_25_2015_Credit_Addie_Mena_CNA_CNA_9_25_15[By Christopher White from Catholic Voices USA] At the interfaith ceremony at the Ground Zero Memorial, the site of the September 11th terrorist attacks, Pope Francis called out the senseless violence and called for peace.

“In the depths of pain and suffering, you also witnessed the heights of generosity and service. Hands reached out, lives were given. In a metropolis which might seem impersonal, faceless, lonely, you demonstrated the powerful solidarity born of mutual support, love and self-sacrifice. No one thought about race, nationality, neighborhoods, religion or politics. It was all about solidarity, meeting immediate needs, brotherhood. It was about being brothers and sisters.”

“Together we are called to say ‘no’ to every attempt to impose uniformity and ‘yes’ to a diversity accepted and reconciled.”

“The lives of our dear ones will not be lives which will one day be forgotten. Instead, they will be present whenever we strive to be prophets not of tearing down but of building up, prophets of reconciliation, prophets of peace.”

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