About Catholic Voices

CATHOLIC VOICES began with a single aim: to ensure that Catholics and the Church were well represented in the media when Pope Benedict came to the UK in September 2010. Inspired by that visit, it has become much more: a school of a new Christian humanism; and the laboratory of a new kind of apologetics. Inspired by its work in the UK, similar projects have now been started in Poland, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, USA and Chile.

Catholic Voices continues to offer articulate speakers who put the Catholic case in interviews and debates — clearly, reasonably, humanly, succinctly, compellingly.

National speakers training programmes are held annually in the last quarter of the year. In 2011 a course was held in Leeds and in 2012 in the Bristol area. A similar course in Liverpool is planned for the autumn of 2013. For information on this or future training programmes please email [email protected].

The Catholic Voices Academy was launched in September 2011, inspired by Pope Benedict XVI’s appeal to Catholics to learn how to be “public” people, knowing how to navigate the crossroads of political and social conversation. The Academy supports the bishops of England and Wales in their “call to a deeper social engagement”. Through regular meetings, briefings and debates, the CV Academy brings together Catholics committed to the public square to develop common positions drawn from Catholic Social Teaching, the doctrine of religious freedom, and the value of family and life – helping to create a humanism, shaped by faith’s wisdom, which is open to all. Briefings, public debates, lectures and panel discussions are held alongside regular workshops training Catholics to put their case reasonably and compellingly.

This blog provides commentary on media coverage on the Church and related issues in the UK. Comments have been disabled, but feel free to email [email protected] with comments/suggestions.

For more details on the Catholic Voices project, recent TV and radio interviews, and how to book a speaker, see the Catholic Voices website, www.catholicvoices.org.uk.