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Pope Benedict XVI, Christmas columnist for the FT

Two years after becoming the first pope to do ‘Thought for the Day’, Benedict XVI has now become the first papal contributor to the Financial Times. In a reflection published in the London financial daily, he shows how Christian faith … Continue reading

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The gentle anger of Britain’s Catholic leaders at the state-sponsored overthrow of marriage

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor in a letter in Tuesday’s Telegraph makes some important points about the Government’s attempt to redefine marriage:  1. That marriage is “an institution of central importance for the welfare of society as a whole, to believers and … Continue reading

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Gay marriage rebels take a stand

Dozens of MPs and peers have signed up to a new cross-party alliance protesting the Government’s plans to redefine marriage. In their letter to the Telegraph, close to 60 parliamentarians write: SIR – As parliamentarians from different political parties and … Continue reading

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A Shameful Response to a Sham Consultation

Tuesday’s Government response to its marital redefinition consultation, conducted earlier this year, has conclusively demonstrated that the entire consultation process had no purpose other than to shroud a shamelessly undemocratic exercise in a cloak of false legitimacy. The Government has … Continue reading

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Standing up for Mothers and Children in Ireland

Both BBC and Ireland’s state broadcaster RTE reported this weekend that most Irish people want new legislation on abortion in Ireland, but their reports were misleading, to say the least. According to both broadcasters, 85pc of adults surveyed for the … Continue reading

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