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Busting Maria Miller’s ‘Mythbusters’ on gay marriage

Accompanying the publication of the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill to be debated by Parliament next Tuesday the Government have supplied a short guide, a fact sheet as well as a three-page Mythbuster by Maria Miller, a list of what it calls ‘Myths about equal … Continue reading

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Bishops to MPs: this Bill will radically alter meaning of marriage

This Bill, for the first time in British history, fundamentally seeks to break the existing legal link between the institution of marriage and sexual exclusivity, loyalty, and responsibility for the children of the marriage. These are the opening words of … Continue reading

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Edward Leigh seeks changes to Equality Act to protect belief in marriage

An MP will tomorrow table a bill which seeks to protect “conscientious beliefs about the definition of marriage” in the same way gender, race, age or disability are currently protected. Edward Leigh MP’s bill — which seeks to amend equality legislation … Continue reading

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France’s Chief Rabbi: what has been forgotten in the debate on gay marriage

[Editor’s note] Shortly before Christmas, in his annual address to the Curia, Pope Benedict XVI cited a paper against gay marriage and same-sex parenting by the Chief Rabbi of France, Gilles Bernheim. In what the Pope described  as a “detailed … Continue reading

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‘People Power’ opposes Abortion in Ireland’s largest Pro-Life Rally

“Abortion debate steps up as opposing sides hold rallies” proclaimed the Irish Independent on the weekend in a piece that neglected to mention that the pro-life Unite for Life vigil was more than a hundred times larger than the tiny … Continue reading

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Catholics to send a million postcards to MPs defending conjugal marriage

Bearing the title ‘Speak Out for Marriage’, a million postcards – about as many as there are practising Catholics — are being distributed to parishes in England and Wales next week for signing by parishioners and forwarding to MPs.  The … Continue reading

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Where the Strasbourg religious freedom judgement leaves the UK

The judgement handed down yesterday in four high-profile UK religious freedom cases by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has strengthened the freedom to manifest belief (Article 9). The judges disagreed with the UK courts in one key area: just … Continue reading

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