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When the inexcusable was excused

The appalling revelations of Jimmy Savile’s systematic abuse of minors have left in no doubt the complicity of British society in his behaviour. “The universal abhorrence at Jimmy Savile’s predatory career is a rare moment of national self-revelation,” reads an … Continue reading

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Why tomorrow’s Strasbourg judgement on UK religious freedom matters

The European Court of Human Rights will tomorrow deliver its judgment in four closely-watched cases which have exposed the growing intolerance of Christian belief in the British public square. Each concerns British employees who claim their human right to religious … Continue reading

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Britain’s Catholic priests in protest at gay marriage law: the time for action has come

Over the Channel in France, up to a million are expected today to take to the streets of Paris in protest at redefining marriage. Yesterday, in the UK, more than a thousand Catholic priests signed a letter in the Telegraph … Continue reading

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The uncomfortable consequences of choice

Official analysis of birth statistics has added further evidence that illegal abortions on grounds of gender are taking place in the UK, according to the Telegraph‘s front-page story. It was already known that sex-selection abortions (mostly of girls, within some … Continue reading

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On gay marriage, we have much to learn from France

A number of papers report the letter in last Saturday’s Tablet by the retired Archbishop of Glasgow, Mario Conti — a detailed and precisely-argued case against gay marriage on the grounds that, while sins are not necessarily crimes, it was wrong “to attempt … Continue reading

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The Pope does not ‘bless’ anti-gay laws: he seeks to lift them

The determination of some commentators to scrape the barrel in their attempt to depict the Catholic Church as a homophobic institution reached yet another new low last weekend when the Guardian and online ‘gay news service’ Pink News ran articles … Continue reading

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What the closing of the Soho Masses means

The Archbishop of Westminster’s decision yesterday to end the so-called ‘Soho Masses’ — distinctive liturgies expressly open to gay people, held fortnightly in central London for the past six years — has surprised many, delighted some, and dismayed others. It … Continue reading

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