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Pope’s farewell address to cardinals

A short time ago, Pope Benedict XVI told a crowd of thousands at Castel Gandolfo that he would shortly no longer be pope, and would be a simple pilgrim on the last part of his journey, dedicated to serving the … Continue reading

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A shepherd’s farewell … and the gift of a monk-pope

Pope Benedict’s moving farewell address this morning in a thronged St Peter’s Square was not just a heartfelt expression of gratitude. It was also an important teaching moment, telling us much about the nature of a leadership at the service … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict XVI’s farewell address

This is the text of the Pope’s last general audience, delivered this morning to a cheering crowd of tens of thousands. Like the Apostle Paul in the Biblical text that we have heard, I feel in my heart that I … Continue reading

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Time to lay conspiracy theories to rest

In the aftermath of Pope Benedict’s announcement of his abdication, it was predictable that old accusations would be resurrected. Foremost among them has been the calumny of his onetime colleague Hans Küng that “There is no denying the fact that … Continue reading

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An act of radical humility. A time of discernment.

If Pope John Paul II’s choice to remain in the papacy despite his infirmity was a witness to human dignity in spite of weakness, Pope Benedict’s decision to stand down on 28 February, after much prayer and conscience-searching, gives many powerful … Continue reading

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Why Parliament’s vote leaves gay marriage stranded up the aisle

Yesterday’s parliamentary vote on the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill was, on the one hand, decisive: 400 MPs voted in favour of the legal redefinition; 175 opposed it. Yet in the cold light of next day, the vote looks rather less … Continue reading

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Sarah Teather’s statement: why I voted against gay marriage

The following is a statement by the Lib-Dem MP for Brent and former minister, Sarah Teather, a Catholic, explaining why she voted against the redefinition of marriage. Only 4 Lib-Dems voted against. Ms Teather’s decision, reached after careful deliberation, is … Continue reading

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