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Postcard from Rio 1: ‘so much about this WYD is unprecedented’

(From Austen Ivereigh in Rio de Janeiro) It is hard to overestimate the impact which World Youth Day – “JMJ2013” in its Portuguese translation —  is having in Rio de Janeiro. Crowds of young pilgrims from across the world are … Continue reading

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Pope bent on changing Curia creates third reform body

Pope Francis has appointed a new commission tasked with curial reform, this time to consider changes to the Vatican’s “economic and administrative structures” (see Reuters here). The eight-person commission is tasked with the “simplification and rationalisation of the existing bodies … Continue reading

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Gay marriage becomes law: statement by bishops of England & Wales

The Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act has become law, heralding what the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales describes as a “profound social change”, severing the link between marriage and gender complementarity, and removing from civil marriage law its key purpose, … Continue reading

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While social media spread the benefits of pilgrimage, you can’t confess on Twitter

Recent stories concerning the spiritual benefits of following World Youth Day on Twitter bring together what seem to be bizarrely incompatible themes in ways that are journalistically irresistible. The apparently unlikely marriage of the latest technology and indulgences — inevitably framed as … Continue reading

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The attempt to legalise abortion in Ireland is neither popular nor democratic

After two marathon debate sessions in the lower house of the Irish parliament, culminating in a 127-31 vote on Friday in favour of the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill, it seems inevitable that abortion is to be introduced in … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: celibacy is about ‘big love’ & should lead to joy

Pope Francis last Saturday unexpectedly addressed 6,000 pilgrims visiting Rome who were exploring or have recently embraced a vocation. Among them was Laura Keynes, who will be training as a CV speaker in the Autumn (see her article here). She writes:  … Continue reading

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US bishops join hands with church leaders in religious freedom protest

Religious leaders of major denominations in the US have banded together to protest the implementation of the US Government’s healthcare provisions, which force employers to provide contraception and sterilisation coverage for their employees. Although the Catholic Church is strongly in … Continue reading

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