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Synodality, collegiality: two keys to the coming Francis reform

The council of cardinals created by Pope Francis to advise on curial reform and church governance in general has been active over the summer, exchanging papers in advance of their meeting with the Pope in October, when a three-day meeting … Continue reading

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Francis on women and the Church: what did he mean?

Buried in the long press conference aboard the papal plane on 28 July, and under-reported because of the focus on his remarks about gay people in the same interview, was an intriguing response by Pope Francis to a journalist’s question … Continue reading

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Pope tightens Vatican Bank safeguards

In a further move designed to bolster reform of the troubled Vatican Bank, Pope Francis has issued a decree designed to ensure that the Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IoR), to give it its proper name, cannot be used for … Continue reading

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Francis, the Church and gay people: what changed?

The media have scented a shift under Pope Francis, and are trying to work out what is going on. Some say things are changing: ‘People’s Pope brings winds of change‘ (Sydney Morning Herald), ‘the end of fortress Catholicism?’ (Washington Post), … Continue reading

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Full English transcript of the Pope’s 80-minute, 21-question interview aboard the papal plane

What follows is an English translation of Pope Francis’ now famous papal plane interview on the way back from Rio in which he took questions, in John Allen’s words, “on every topic under the sun with no filters and no limits, … Continue reading

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Postcard from Rio 8: Absorbing the whirlwind that was Francis in Brazil

(NB Austen Ivereigh’s final ‘Postcard from Rio’ is in fact posted in the UK).  Summarising the last weekend of WYD in Rio has been hard –not least because it never seemed to finish. Pope Francis carried on even when everything was wrapping … Continue reading

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