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UK Churches speak out against bid to allow ‘three-parent’ embryos

The Church of England and the Catholic Church have issued statements urging MPs next Tuesday to vote against allowing the UK to be the first country in the world to allow a new genetic technology that critics say is both unethical and unsafe. The … Continue reading

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‘Of course you are a son of the Church’, Francis tells transgender man

“God loves all his children, however they are; you are a son of God, who accepts you exactly as you are. Of course you are a son of the Church!” These were Pope Francis’s words in a telephone call last year to … Continue reading

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The ‘reasonable accommodation’ of faith in the workplace

[By Peter Smith] CV Comment readers will recall the case of Celestina Mba, the Baptist sacked by a London council because she did not want to work on Sundays, which (following the Fourth Commandment) she regarded as exclusively for rest and worship. Mrs Mba was unsuccessful … Continue reading

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Francis offers challenging new take on birth control teaching

One can almost hear the headline-writers chortling as they label the latest he-said-what?!? Francis story: “Pope tells Catholics not to breed like rabbits”, is today’s firm favourite, taking a line from his press conference (transcript here) on the plane back from Manila, … Continue reading

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David Cameron’s missed opportunity to agree with Pope Francis

The British prime minister, David Cameron, has been widely reported as disagreeing with Pope Francis’s remarks over freedom of expression and the right to mock to religion. Asked about the Pope’s remarks (see CV Comment here) on the US TV channel … Continue reading

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Francis on Charlie Hebdo: with free speech comes responsibility

Pope Francis stirred controversy today in remarks on the papal plane from Colombo to Manila by telling journalists that it was “normal” for an insult to provoke a strong reaction, and that there are “limits” to freedom of expression, adding: “You … Continue reading

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Pope Francis to diplomatic corps outlines steps to counter a throwaway culture

Pope Francis yesterday delivered an address to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See, as is the pope’s custom at the beginning of each New Year. It provides a snapshot of the Vatican’s view of the state of the world, and … Continue reading

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Choice of new cardinals reflects Francis thinking on reform

The 15 new voting-age cardinals to be elevated in mid-February by Pope Francis reflect his determination not just to bring better balance into the College of Cardinals, but also to allow the “periphery” to shape the “centre”, in accordance with his longstanding … Continue reading

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