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The Pope and the Falklands poster

[Austen Ivereigh] From some of today’s headlines about Pope Francis yesterday being handed a poster calling for dialogue between the UK and Argentina over the Falklands, you would imagine that he was urging a re-invasion of the islands. The Telegraph is the … Continue reading

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Anscombe Bioethics Centre publishes resources on assisted suicide

As the UK Parliament again prepares to debate an assisted suicide law, media stories are thick with claims and counter-claims about the effect of such a law — based on experience in those countries where it is legal. The problem is … Continue reading

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Lord Carey’s backing for assisted suicide perverts both the law and the Gospel

[Austen Ivereigh] The letter from religious figures in favour of assisted suicide in Saturday’s Telegraph  —  among them the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey — presents a curious theological argument. “There is nothing sacred about suffering, nothing holy about agony, and individuals … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: divorced & remarried are ‘by no means excommunicated’ and must be welcomed

[Austen Ivereigh] In his first General Audience for a month, Pope Francis today stressed the importance of including and welcoming Catholics who have divorced and entered a second union, making clear that they are “by no means excommunicated”. Although such second unions “are contrary … Continue reading

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