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Francis in Africa: conquering conflict with the medicine of mercy

[Dominic Burbidge] Pope Francis begins tomorrow a five-day, three-nation trip to east and central Africa, the first time a pope has set foot in an active war zone. Francis’ journey (full itinerary here) will cover the three countries of Kenya, Uganda … Continue reading

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English & Welsh bishops call for UK to open doors to refugees

[Austen Ivereigh] Describing Britain’s response to the refugee crisis as a test of its moral identity and culture, the Catholic bishops of England and Wales have called for “a generous response” to taking newcomers that goes well beyond the Government’s current … Continue reading

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‘Spotlight’: a reminder of what had to change

[From Christopher White in New York] This month’s US release of the film Spotlight — the UK release will not be until January — is a time for Catholics to recall the devastation that sexual abuse in the Church has caused. But in telling the story … Continue reading

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After Paris: church leaders say now, more than ever, we need mercy

[Austen Ivereigh] As Paris mourned its dead and tried to come to terms with last Friday night’s nightmare, church leaders over the weekend pointed to hope and mercy, urging people not to give into hate and mistrust, while calling for a mobilization … Continue reading

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Church Prays for Paris Attack Victims

As the horror unfolded in Paris last night during terror attacks which left at least 128 people dead and 180 injured, the Holy See Press Office issued a statement condemning the violence: Here in the Vatican we are following the … Continue reading

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Bishop of Lancaster translates Synod’s final report

Bishop Michael Campbell of Lancaster, who completed his priesthood studies in Rome, has produced a working translation of the synod’s final report, which can be downloaded in PDF from his diocesan website here. It is an excellent, accurate rendition, and dependable. … Continue reading

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Pope in Florence lights a fire under the Italian Church

[Austen Ivereigh] In yet another landmark address in a year of key speeches, Pope Francis in Florence today challenged the Church in Italy to abandon its attachments and embrace the fervor and dynamism of a faith focussed on the frontiers. In … Continue reading

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