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Pope: maybe not wrong to use contraceptives to prevent Zika

[Austen Ivereigh in Ciudad Juárez] While abortion is always evil because it involves the deliberate destruction of human life, the use of contraceptives by women who have the Zika virus may be morally acceptable, Pope Francis told journalists on the … Continue reading

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In Mexico, Francis seeks a Church worthy of Our Lady of Guadalupe

[Austen Ivereigh in Ciudad Juárez] As Pope Francis reaches Chiapas, on Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala, it is clear that this apostolic voyage is as much about bolstering the Latin-American Church as it is about evangelizing the nation. His messages over … Continue reading

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Pope and Patriarch embrace in Havana, pledge to ‘journey together’

Casting aside close to 1,000 years of separation, Pope Francis today embraced the Russian Patriarch in Havana airport, uttering “finally”. “We are brothers,” Pope Francis told Kirill. The patriarch told him, in Russian: “Now things are easier.” Francis replied: “It is more … Continue reading

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Why abortion is not the response to Zika that Colombia’s poor need

[Danelia Cardona in Bogotá] The ‘Zika’ virus, which has exploded recently in western news outlets, has barely been off the headlines here in Colombia over the past three months. Initially seen as yet another “vector-transmitted” disease common to this latitude … Continue reading

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Saunders’s departure from abuse commission helps resolve body’s identity crisis

[Austen Ivereigh in Bogotá] The Vatican’s announcement yesterday that a British abuse survivor and activist will be leaving Pope Francis’s child protection commission is, of course, sad news. But it was also inevitable, the fruit of tensions over the commission’s identity that … Continue reading

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Historic announcement: Pope to meet Russian patriarch in Cuba

[From Austen Ivereigh in Bogotá] In one of the biggest ecumenical breakthroughs in centuries, it was announced today that Pope Francis will meet the Russian Orthodox Patriarch next week in Cuba, en route to Mexico. The two-hour meeting at Havana … Continue reading

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