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The good news buried in the St Mary’s survey on Catholicism

[Joe Ronan] Mass on Sunday is four times more popular than Premier League football and two and a half times more people attend a Catholic church during the year than theatres.* These are some of the unreported findings of a … Continue reading

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How Amoris Laetitia reclaims the role of family in education

[Leonard Franchi] Being a Jesuit, it’s no surprise that Pope Francis has shown a keen interest in education. Since his election in 2013, he has expressed some highly practical ideas on how teachers and schools can develop a “culture of encounter” based on … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ vision for the refounding of Europe: text of Charlemagne Speech Award address

[Pope Francis today gave a powerful address on the renewal of Europe by returning to the radical vision of the founders of the European Union. The speech was on the occasion of his receiving the prestigious Charlemagne Prize, awarded to … Continue reading

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Abortion is not an issue of religious belief, but human rights

[Austen Ivereigh in Rome] Because she is well known and highly regarded in some English Catholic circles, a feminist theologian who recently organised a letter to the Polish bishops arguing against their attempts to make all abortion in Poland illegal has … Continue reading

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