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How a restless reforming pope can help heal Reformation rift

[Austen Ivereigh] When, on this day 499 years ago, a small-town Augustinian friar lecturing in a start-up college in provincial Germany posted dozens of arguments on the door of a castle church, he offered a prime example of what scientists call “the … Continue reading

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Vatican issues new guidelines on disposal of cremated ashes

The Vatican yesterday issued new rules on the disposal of ashes following cremation in order to avoid disrespecting the dead or denying core Christian truths about the fate of the body. In its Instruction, Ad Resurgendum cum Christo, which was approved … Continue reading

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The messages Francis wants to send with his cardinal choices

[Austen Ivereigh] There are few moments more enlightening about the direction a pope wants to take the Church than consistories to create cardinals, and Francis’s list of 17 men who will receive red hats on Nov. 19 is no exception. … Continue reading

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Catholic commissions across Europe issue SOS for EU

The European Union is “in a bad shape” and trust in its institutions will not be restored by speeches and short-term measures but concrete actions to improve justice and quality of life. That was the message of the General Assembly of the … Continue reading

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Acknowledging differences, Francis and Welby send out bishops to work for peace and the poor

  [Austen Ivereigh] At a joint prayer service this evening at the church in Rome from where Augustine set forth to evangelize England, Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, marked the 50th anniversary of their predecessors’ historic … Continue reading

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When Canterbury and Rome meet in a common mission

[Austen Ivereigh] In the history of this pontificate, October 2016 may come to be seen as the focal point of Christian unity initiatives — beginning with the Orthodox and ending with the Protestants, with the Anglicans (appropriately) sandwiched between the two. … Continue reading

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Francis blasts gender theory but urges pastoral care for trans people

[Austen Ivereigh] Jesus would welcome and walk with transgender people even if they undergo sex-change operations, but ‘gender theory’ is a form of indoctrination that should be resisted, Pope Francis said on the papal flight last night from Azerbaijan. He was … Continue reading

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