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US Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage leave political issue unsettled

Two landmark judgments by the US Supreme Court on 26 June have removed major potential obstacles to the increasing adoption by US states of gay marriage laws. One cleared the way for federal recognition of legally married same-sex couples; the … Continue reading

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French cardinal warns of ‘violence’ as French Parliament speeds passage of gay marriage law

The French Government’s decision to speed up the legislation of same-sex marriage to avoid further public disturbances has been sharply criticised by the Archbishop of Paris, who is warning that the measure could lead to violence (See Reuters report here).  The … Continue reading

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Has SSM strengthened or weakened marriage? The evidence from abroad

One of the Government’s claims in favour of gay marriage is that it will strengthen the institution of marriage. This idea has been particularly embraced by Conservative Party exponents ever since the prime minister announced, last summer, out of the … Continue reading

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Bishops to MPs: this Bill will radically alter meaning of marriage

This Bill, for the first time in British history, fundamentally seeks to break the existing legal link between the institution of marriage and sexual exclusivity, loyalty, and responsibility for the children of the marriage. These are the opening words of … Continue reading

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Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s … that is, everything

References to the threat to marriage in Archbishop Vincent Nichols’ Midnight Mass homily were brief — a matter of a few lines in what was mostly a gentle meditation on the meaning of the Nativity. He referred to “the love … Continue reading

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The gentle anger of Britain’s Catholic leaders at the state-sponsored overthrow of marriage

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor in a letter in Tuesday’s Telegraph makes some important points about the Government’s attempt to redefine marriage:  1. That marriage is “an institution of central importance for the welfare of society as a whole, to believers and … Continue reading

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Gay marriage rebels take a stand

Dozens of MPs and peers have signed up to a new cross-party alliance protesting the Government’s plans to redefine marriage. In their letter to the Telegraph, close to 60 parliamentarians write: SIR – As parliamentarians from different political parties and … Continue reading

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A Shameful Response to a Sham Consultation

Tuesday’s Government response to its marital redefinition consultation, conducted earlier this year, has conclusively demonstrated that the entire consultation process had no purpose other than to shroud a shamelessly undemocratic exercise in a cloak of false legitimacy. The Government has … Continue reading

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Why Stonewall should be the main recipient of its ‘Bigot of the Year’ award

The announcements by Barclays and Coutts that they shall no longer support Stonewall’s annual ceremony if the pressure group persists with its ‘Bigot of the Year’ award may indicate the beginning of a push-back by civil society against the gay … Continue reading

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